Christmas Wishes

Christmas draws so near and dreams of sumptuous meals, flickering candles, shiny wrapped packages bundled in gorgeous ribbon, and of the treasures we will all receive fill my mind with a welcome, slightly intoxicated eagerness. Then I read the Christmas list given to me (for the third time) by my seven year old daughter. These are the things of Christmas that fill her sweet, little mind:

clip-on earings, doctor’s kit, kids’ high heels, kids’ car, footies size medium, tiny cups and bowls, elf costume, and a Mrs. Claus costume.

Here’s to wishes coming true!




As night falls over Maryland, and a chilly rain soaks the ground, I anticipate my tropical vacation just a day away. My pasta dinner with a sauté of every last vegetable in my refrigerator is ready and awaiting my family’s arrival. We will all sit together and anticipate what the next two weeks will bring. Warm air, brightly colored flora, and the smiles of so many old friends. Overeating, reading until our eyes hurt, soaking up the sunshine, savoring every last moment of the day with my children and husband — these are the things I anticipate. Almost there.


Autumnal Tummy

I can’t help but gravitate to the tastes and textures of autumnal cooking as soon as the leaves begin to turn. It has a been a beautiful Fall in Maryland and the season has inspired me and my cooking, as well. Slow-braised meats, stews, ragus, roasted vegetables paired with dried tart fruits  —  I can’t get enough.