The Last Stretch

A week away from summer vacation. Having already started our visits to the pool, seven days ahead seem like many. This is especially true with the bounty of kind invitations, presentations, end-of-the-year celebrations, and other sorts of occasions on the calendar. I just sent this image to a friend who kindly offered to bring my daughter home from a birthday party. This offer came after my plea for help followed by a rather embarrassing email revealing my “actual” complete lack of organization. I will not reveal the specifics but let’s just say, “Thank you, Vivian!”



Autumnal Tummy

I can’t help but gravitate to the tastes and textures of autumnal cooking as soon as the leaves begin to turn. It has a been a beautiful Fall in Maryland and the season has inspired me and my cooking, as well. Slow-braised meats, stews, ragus, roasted vegetables paired with dried tart fruits  —  I can’t get enough.