Visit http://www.younourish.com for a unique selection of fine porcelain dinnerware and other treasures for your tabletop.

After 25 years of working as a professional graphic designer, I embarked on a new creative endeavor, combining my love of food, cooking, and serving friends and family delicious meals with my love for design. I applied my joy of creating collage and geometric patterns to fine porcelain dinnerware and  cotton table linens. Available only online, www.younourish.com, these inspired items will surely become family treasures. My first two dinnerware lines — Birds and Bees and Persian Carpet are both very personal to me and although quite different in look and feel, together they combine beautifully on a dining table. The concept of incorporating pattern and texture on to a dining surface is central to my design aethetic.

As a mother of three young girls, I often remind us all of how lucky we are to have life’s most basic necessities. Through these discussions I have been inspired to make a difference in some way — give back to those in need in my own home town. Preparing a meal for my family and loved ones brings me such great joy. I knew I wanted to reach out and nourish others as well. It is a simple way to let someone know you care about them. Nourish takes a portion of all sales and donates those proceeds to local charities making a difference in how we feed people in need. Take time to nourish yourself, and the people you love. Be inspired and inspire others.




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