Put your napkin on your lap!

Ah… memories of family dinners from days gone by! Luckily, I did not grow up to resent napkins because I certainly had to hear a lot about them during those family dinners. Contrarily, I love napkins! Setting my table with linen napkins for my family and guests actually makes me happy! And, incorporating unique napkins allows me to add punches and pops of color and pattern that are seasonal or simply a personal touch for a special gathering.

We have added four new beauties to our growing line of gorgeous, unique, colorful napkins for you and yours. Choose patterns inspired by the sea to the stars — there is something for everyone and every occasion. Visit us online for more information.









Twinkle, twinkle, little star…


Visit www.younourish.com for more information and tablescape inspiration.

Just in and oh so cute! These sweet bowls feature a tiny map of the constellations nestled in the interior and printed in an evening-blue hue. Add these bowls to your growing blue and white porcelain collection or start one from scratch with these versatile vessels. Perfect in size for individual portions, or use these bowls to serve your favorite shared snack or condiment.


Hand-Decorated. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in America exclusively for Nourish™. Each bowl measures 5.5 inches in diameter.

It’s a sign — these bowls are for you!

Treasure chest

I may not have one locked away in a secret location, but I do have a treasure chest of goodies on my table! Our new Gems Salad/Dessert Plates are printed in a rich cocoa hue, acting as a neutral in any environment. Vintage engravings are presented on a modern, coupe plate. Perfect for an easy brunch at home or use these at your next elegant affair.


Visit www.younourish.com for more information about our adorable Gems Salad/Dessert Plates.

Pair these beauties with Persian Capet Dinner Plates in Diamond and our Gems Small Bowls for a luxurious and modern look.



Growing Families

Thanks to custom orders from old friends and new, our inventory keeps expanding to include more pieces to each line. So proud to see my little families grow! Two of our most popular patterns — Flora and Duet — are available in both dinnerware, and serving pieces, large and small. Visit us online to find your perfect look. www.younourish.com



Our Duet pattern looks particularly gorgeous when paired with our Persian Carpet dinner plates. The iridescent gold on the plates compliments the deep blues tones incorporated into Duet’s regal, crown-topped fish.


… setting up and being able to maintain a pop-up for an entire weekend is awfully nice!

Visit us this weekend — all weekend — at the Landon Azalea Festival  •  10 am to 5 pm daily. Choose your gifts and enjoy our complimentary local white glove delivery. See you there!





Dear everyone,
I like the efficiency of a quick pop up! Need a gift? I got you covered! Having guests for dinner? I can help! Find me this Sunday 10 am–3 pm.

local white glove delivery always complimentary


Force blooming

I like to get a head start on setting my table for any event, whether it be a simple, weeknight dinner with family or a special luncheon with an honored guest. Visits back and forth to the table allow me to add special touches and textures without having to gather my thoughts and everything else all at once. Tonight, I am using my new Pansy Dinner Plates aside my vintage glassware. Small pops of color are starting to appear outside… I’ll speed up the blooming inside!


The chopsticks were a gift from a wedding I attended of my good friend. She lived in Hong Kong for some time and she added many Hong Kong-inspired touches to her New England wedding. I love that I think of her and that special day every time I use these. Thank you, Susan and Morris.