Leaf pile

Inspired by my very excellent friend, Anna, our new Gingko Leaves Porcelain Platter is in and looking fabulous! Just in time for the holidays, these gorgeous vessels make for a lovely gift. Perfect for a cozy dinner at home, these blue and white dishes can work their way onto almost any tablescape. Timeless blue and white coupled with the elegance of the fan-like gingko leaves make theses platters truly special. Visit us online to order yours.


Did you know, Gingko are distinctive as they are the oldest trees on earth, essentially unchanged for 200 million years and have no living relatives? It is a singular species in the plant world! A living link to the time of the dinosaurs!

Their lovely, fan-like leaves are unique and turn from a bright lime green to a brilliant yellow in the fall. Growing up in the D.C. area, I always delighted in the Gingko-lined streets, especially in autumn.

Our new Gingko Plates are also a singular species! Visit us online to order yours.

Our new Gingko Leaves 8-inch Salad Dessert Plate — a singular species!

Combine Gingko Leaves Salad/Dessert Plate with Blossom Dinner Plate and
Rainbow Pansy Small Plate for a colorful, sophisticated look.

Everything looks better with gold! Our iridescent Persian Carpet Dinner Plates love blue!

Finishing touch

Beyond the obvious implications of today’s date, it is also another “normal” day. Nothing to see here, folks! While all Americans wait with anticipation, or maybe perhaps even dread, for the first election results to roll in, I am going to proceed as usual. I will add some extra sparkle to my table tonight. Distracting oneself with shiny things on this evening might be a good idea! Gold and silver metals wake up any setting and I love using them together. The easiest way to incorporate metals to your table-setting is with napkin rings. I like to think of them as jewelry for the table. You can be as classic or whimsical as you choose to be with your choices. It is also an affordable method of dressing up your table — lots of bang for your buck!

Browse our unique collection of napkin rings online and use the code Rings for free shipping.

Shine, texture, sparkle, warmth!

Got the blues?

We have all sorts of options! Timeless, stylish, and chic.

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Inspiration from land to sea, our collection of blues has something for every occasion.


It is a cold, rainy day today. So many gem colored leaves have fallen overnight creating a warm-toned landscape. I am inspired to add those colors to my table tonight.

How will you set your table?

Icing on the cake

So to speak. Our never ending spring break has delivered us to the edge of the holidays. 2020. Lets go out with a bang! Pile on. Yes, yes, we have all learned about the importance of simplicity. It has been the drumbeat for most of the human race for 7 months now. But there is satisfaction derived from creating something a little over the top. Indulging seems so wrong but feels awfully good!

This holiday and for the days leading up, I will be setting my table with some extra flourishes. Allow myself, family and friends a bit of luxury wrapped up in soft, yummy comfort.

How will you be setting your table?

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land to sea.


Although I, not unlike many Earthlings, have done plenty of resurfacing of all sorts over the past months, the resurfacing I write of here is the kind that happens after one goes under — like coming up for a deep gasp of air after trying to swim the length of a pool — successfully, or not. A breath so deep it hurts your chest.

It is time. Time to resurface. Become part of the contagious rhythm that finds its way into everyone’s heart and buoys us up together in a collective wave of doing. Doing good things. For each other. For the planet. For a future full of real, deliverable promise.

The animal kingdom — always a source of amusement and comfort to me — has provided an inoculation of sorts for me during what has been an isolating and frightening time. I love watching birds, hanging out with my dog, and gobbling up novels that include an appreciation for the natural world. Washington, D.C. is lucky to have Giant Pandas at the National Zoo. Mei Xiang gave birth to her cub here on August 21st. This is not her first cub. My favorite Panda of all time is actually Mei Xiang’s third cub — Bao Bao. Watching Mei Xiang care for her new cub is as awe inspiring as it gets for me. She reminds me to take it slow, don’t sweat the small stuff, and focus on loved ones. I love pandas so much, I wrote a children’s story about them a couple of years ago, Journey Homehttps://martine2nourish.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/spare-time/

So, here’s to Mei Xiang. Through the magic of the Panda Cam, she has become my virtual teacher. This may be my favorite semester yet.



What a difference a week makes. Washington, DC has hunkered down and traffic intersections that normally are best avoided, stand still and quiet this morning. And a beautiful morning it is! Sunny, mild — the kind of day that inspires me to check things off the list. Each day, now, everyone around the world is waking up to a new set of normals. A new set of challenges seems to materialize by the hour, knocking all of us off our central axis. That to-do list is also metamorphosing into something driven by forces outside of my control.

During times of increased stress and anxiety, I often remind myself the need to lift my oars out of the water and just go with the flow. Allow the current to move me as swiftly or as slowly as it chooses. This is one of those times for me. I am trying to keep it simple, remain grateful for all of my blessings, and reassure my daughters that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will all learn tremendous lessons over the coming months. In simplicity, there is abundance.

Focusing on things I can control is calming and therapeutic. Creating a warm, relaxing space for my family is how I am redirecting some of my energy. Spring cleaning, yard work, and of course yummy meals are the things along with me in my canoe right now.

Fast mountain river


Covid comfort

To say these days are anxiety provoking might be an understatement. Save any commentary on the dearth of social, economic, and political subjects that could provide discussion material, I will turn to dinner!

Last night’s easy, economical, pantry-friendly sheet pan dinner was so comforting. Each mouthful provided a slash of fat from the chicken, a bite of brine from the olives, tiny bits of sweetness from golden raisins which were practically melted, a bright tartness from the caramelized lemons, and a welcome herbaceous note from the fresh rosemary. Chickpeas and plum tomatoes added texture and even more flavor to the pan sauce created from everything coming together bathed in olive oil and butter. 400 degrees for about 35 minutes did the trick. So good.